SF&P is an energetic and experienced recruitment firm specializing as a creative search resource for early stage companies.
The founders, Norm Shulman and Susan Fleming, are seasoned recruiters who have successfully worked together
for more than 15 years. We understand that acquiring the best talent is the key to building a successful business.

Norm and Susan have worked with dozens of early stage companies, resulting in thousands of successful placements.
With our combination of expertise, determination and passion for building the best teams, we take the Art of Search
to a different level.


What makes us different?

What sets SF&P apart from its competitors is being hands-on with no layers of management, we provide you with
the biggest “bang for your buck.” Our clients are our partners. SF&P listens to its clients needs and creates a creative and strategic plan with workforce architecture in mind. We are an extension of your team. We rely upon you for guidance and input about your needs and you rely upon us for our expertise, experience and timely delivery. This collaborative process provides streamlined solutions.

With a lot of hard work, old fashioned know-how, a little magic and intuition, we deliver THE BEST.